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to save 20% on my mindset course, Mastering Self-Acceptance

"Dr Vanessa McIntosh helps entrepreneurial readers understand their barriers to self-expression and offers actionable tasks for overcoming issues so they can communicate more authentically, confidently and effectively."

Many entrepreneurs struggle with an inability or unwillingness to express themselves. Sometimes it’s because they don’t know who they are or how they feel, other times it’s because they worry what people will think or do, and another reason is that they simply don’t have the speaking or writing skills necessary for sharing.


Whatever the reason – if your self-expression problems are adversely affecting your business, Express Yourself is the book for you. 


This book will explore:


  • what self-expression problems look like (e.g. camera shyness, bottling things up, people pleasing)

  • how self-expression problems manifest in your mind and body 

  • why communication of your inner world to others breaks down

  • how attitude, knowledge, and skills affect self-expression success

  • a vital toolkit to help you break through your barriers to authentic, confident and effective self-expression


Doctor of Psycholinguistics and authority on self-expression, Vanessa McIntosh, offers proven solutions to communication problems, so that you can go further with your business, increasing your impact and income. 

Dr Vanessa McIntosh is a 2x award-winning psycholinguist turned communications consultant and educator. Holding a PhD, she uses her expert knowledge of psychology and language to help people express themselves better in their businesses for improved marketing, customer relations, team management and more.

Vanessa has served some of the best thought leaders in the personal and professional development space, worked with Fortune 500 companies (like Coca-Cola and Amazon) and had her work featured in major publications (like Vogue + Entrepreneur).

She believes self-expression breaks down in 3 areas (attitude, knowledge and skills) – in this book she presents her model of self-expression and a toolkit for its repair.

"Find your true self, conquer your fear of rejection and learn tips and tools for interpersonal communication so you can excel in business (and beyond)."

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