6 Types of Quizzes That Will Give Your Marketing a Facelift

marketing messaging quizzes Nov 13, 2022

Online quizzes are a great tool for marketing. They engage your audience, raise awareness about your brand, help you learn about your audience, and boost your bottom line. Here are the most popular types of online quizzes to help you reach your marketing goals.


Classic Knowledge Quiz

This type of quiz tests the user on their knowledge of a specific topic. People love taking these tests and enjoy the surprise at the end. You either confirm that you’re a knowledgeable expert or discover you didn’t know as much as you thought you did. One great reason to use this type of quiz for your marketing is that it can also demonstrate your own expertise in your topic area. 


Which is Right for You?

Everyone wants to know which choice is right for them, whether it’s a career, a car, a pet, or a vacation destination. It paints a picture of the future that’s fun for the user to imagine. In some cases, you might even use a quiz like this to consider real-life options.


Personality Test

People love to talk about themselves, and this type of quiz does exactly that. It tells them which movie character, rock star, superhero, or cartoon character they are. These are fun, so they get shared often on social media. 


What Kind Are You?

This is similar to the type above, but the result tells the user what kind of blogger, shopper, parent, or Zoom meeting participant they are. These are also just for fun and to get people talking about themselves, which makes them highly shareable. Since the focus is on the user, you can use these to gain insights about your audience. 


Challenge Quizzes

These are more complex quizzes that challenge the user to spot the difference in images, find hidden things, decode, or work out math problems. Since they’re a bit tricky, they’re only good for certain markets, but they’re highly engaging for those particular markets. 


Matching Quizzes

This type asks the user to submit information and then matches them with the right choice for them. These are great for industries like travel, where they can help a user plan their next trip. You can adapt this type of quiz for your own niche with a little creativity. They can be used as part of the sales process to help the buyer choose the right option for them.


Creating Your Own Online Quiz

Do any of the above ideas sound like they would work for your marketing? Before you get started designing your first quiz, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Attention Spans Are Short. Design your quiz, so it grabs people’s attention and draws them in, but is easy to fill out and doesn’t take too long. 
  • Call the User to Action. A quiz without a call to action is a missed opportunity. Take that engaged user and lead them to your website or social media presence. 
  • Start with Your Strategy. Identify where this content fits into your overall marketing, so you have a goal in mind when you choose the type of quiz and start creating it.


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