Are You Sure You’re Writing for Your Target Blog Readers?

content design marketing messaging Jan 09, 2023

 The key to success with any blog is to provide the information your audience is looking for. In order to do this, you have to understand who this audience is first, and then what they’re looking for so you can deliver it to them. It’s no exaggeration to say that knowing your blog audience is critical to success.


Why You Need to Identify Your Target Readers

You can take the shotgun approach and blast out content to whoever comes along and reads it, but identifying your target audience helps you refine and produce exactly the content they want to read. It helps you build a stronger relationship with them and bring them into your sales funnel, where they can connect with you elsewhere and eventually buy from you. 

Even more importantly, if you know your audience well, you can identify their pain points. These are the problems or challenges they’re facing that they’re looking for help with. If you can provide this help on a consistent basis, you’ll be their go-to for information in your niche, and they’ll come to love you.

It works for one simple reason: If you know who they are, you can create the right content for them.


How to Identify Your Ideal Reader

The best way to discover your ideal reader is to research, but you can get started by asking a few simple questions:

  • Who does my product or service help?
  • Who is looking for the information my content delivers?
  • What gap in the market do I fill? What makes my blog unique, and who does that appeal to?

 What you need to know about your audience is demographic data such as their gender, age, location, and income level. You also need psychographic data. The latter tells you about their emotional state, values, attitudes, interests, opinions, and what “tribe” they belong to. Your blog needs to relate to them on this psychological level. 


Learn About Your Readers Through Analytics

A great way to gain objective data about your audience is to track visitors using your blog platform’s analytics. See which posts they’re spending the most time on and where they click. Discover what traffic sources and keywords are sending people to your blog and use this to refine your target audience profile.

You can also learn a great deal about your readers by taking every possible opportunity to interact with them. Encourage them to comment and connect with you on social media. Give them surveys and other opportunities to give you their opinions.


Is Your Audience Too Narrow?

Defining your target audience in specific terms and writing just for them doesn’t exclude other people from reading your blog. Of course, people who are outside this profile will also read your content. But your goal here is to identify the people who would most likely read your blog and take action. This is how you make your content design as effective as possible.


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