Best Practices for Creating Online Quiz Topics and Questions

marketing messaging quizzes Nov 07, 2022

Are you looking for an easy-to-create content type that will entertain your audience and help you achieve your goals? Quizzes offer a nice change of pace from regular content, and they perform well, especially on social media since they’re incredibly shareable. Choose a topic, write your questions, and your quiz is ready to post. Here are some best practices for coming up with ideas for your quizzes.


Find a Great Topic for Your Quiz

Coming up with a topic for this type of content is different from blogs or articles. You should think about where you want people to go or what you want them to do after they take your quiz. For example, you might use a quiz to help people decide which product or service is right for them. Or, the purpose may simply be to get your content shared. Which topic would best achieve this goal for you?


Make it About the User

Some of the most popular quizzes online don’t focus on a topic or product but on the user themselves. For example, there might be a quiz that tells you how good you are or knowledgeable you are at something. Or, it might tell you which character from a popular TV show or superhero you would be. You then get the user to answer questions about themselves. 

It can be about the user and also your niche. For example, if you sell baking ingredients, you could offer a quiz titled, “What Pastry Are You?” It asks questions about the user’s personality and preferences, then ends up telling them which treat they are with a link to your recipe site. 


Where to Get Topic Ideas 

You’ve probably taken a few online quizzes in the past. Which ones were the most fun for you? Maybe you can get a good idea for your own marketing. You can also get an idea from another niche and adapt it to your own.

You can get quiz ideas by following your audience online and seeing what conversations they’re having. This can help you find a great topic that’s of interest to them. 

Remember that the key is to be fun. Try to think of something humorous and entertaining. Ask yourself, “Would I enjoy taking this quiz myself?”


Creating Your Quiz Questions

The most popular quizzes are short and easy to take. Aim for around 7 questions. When you’re brainstorming your questions, come up with 15 or more and then narrow it down to the 7 that are the most fun and engaging.  

If you’ve taken an online quiz before, you’ve probably noticed that they often include several images. Images make things interesting and make the quiz feel more like a game.

When writing your questions, inject some personality and use a natural tone of voice. Write like you’re talking to a friend. This is important because a quiz is supposed to be fun. If the tone is stodgy, formal, or unnatural, it will make it more difficult for people to complete. 

Quizzes can drive thousands of leads into your sales funnel. Get creative and start producing fun quizzes for your audience, and you’ll see results.

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