How Effective Are Your Marketing Quizzes? Here’s How to Tell

marketing messaging quizzes Nov 21, 2022

If you want to offer a customised experience to your audience that engages them and gets results, online quizzes are a great way to do it. You can create quizzes related to your niche and post them on social media, and anywhere else you have contact with your audience. 

One key to success with quizzes is to monitor your results, so you know what’s working and what’s not.


Quiz Metrics

There are many ways to monitor your quizzes. The key is to choose a metric that will tell you whether you’re achieving your goal or not, so the first step is to identify your goal.

For example, if your goal is to gain exposure, you might choose shares as your primary metric. After you post quizzes, watch how many shares they get. You’ll find that some are shared more widely than others. Try to figure out why so you can repeat this success.

If your quiz is a lead magnet driving people to sign up to your list, you can look at traffic sources for your list sign-ups. If your quiz is part of the sales process, helping potential customers determine which offering is right for them, you should see an increase in sales. 

Choose just one metric that will tell you whether you’re getting results to keep things simple.


Troubleshooting Your Quizzes

Your metrics could also be telling you that you need to up your content creation game. If you’re putting it out there and people aren’t taking it, this could be a sign that its title is not enticing enough. Try rewording it and see if you get more takers. 

If people are starting the quiz but not finishing it, this means it’s not fun or engaging enough. It also might not be relevant to your audience’s interests. Go back to your target audience profile and see if you can come up with some other ideas. 

People dropping out might also simply mean the quiz is too long. The optimal length for a quiz is 7 questions. If it’s too long, people will give up in the middle. They might also give up if it’s too complicated or wordy.


Getting Feedback on Your Quizzes

You can also ask people for direct feedback. Before publishing your quiz, give it to a friend or colleague and get their suggestions. They might have a comment you can use. You can also ask your audience to leave their comments after taking the quiz. Use this feedback to make improvements. 


Add to Your Quiz Mix

Mastering quizzes for marketing is a learning process, so add new ideas to your mix regularly. Try out different types and design elements. This will give you more feedback to add to your repertoire. You’ll also learn more about your audience’s tastes and preferences. 

Share your quizzes everywhere you can and encourages users to share them with friends. Monitor their performance so you can get feedback, which you can then use to make improvements.


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